Prayer Walking

Prayer Walking is walking with Jesus, seeing through His eyes, calling for His purposes to be brought to pass. It is walking the land for Him, pronouncing God's blessings. Prayer Walking involves redeeming land from satan and releasing it back into the hands of God, in order that people might be saved. The legal right of demonic forces is broken through repentance and forgiveness. What is done on an actual prayer walk is not always the same; the Holy Spirit gives discernment regarding what needs to be done for each particular prayer walk.

Every prayer walk starts out with prayer and an objective. If you are wanting to prayer walk your church grounds, that is your objective. Find others who would like to prayer walk the grounds with you, and sit down to pray. Make sure that your group spends some time in confession/cleansing of sin, so that you all will hear clearly when the Holy Spirit speaks to you. When this time is done, your group needs to pray in the Spirit for a while, to clear your minds of any pre-conceived ideas. As you begin to tone this down, the Holy Spirit will bring scripture, words, visions, pictures, and ideas to each of you. He may prompt some in your group to do some warfare over certain things right then and there, to which the group agrees with during the time of prayer. This may prompt others to be led by the Spirit and more warfare will be done. He may reveal that there is something that happened in the past in your site area that allowed demonic forces in. You may need to assign someone to research the area to find out what that is should it not be revealed during your time of prayer. This information could be ready on the date of your prayer walk.

When the praying session is all done, and you are discussing what each group member received from the Holy Spirit, a definite plan should begin to take shape, and you will see the strategy that the Holy Spirit would like to use. Exciting, huh? Plans should be made based on this strategy that the Holy Spirit has given. Even if some of what the Holy Spirit reveals seems strange, be obedient and do it anyway. Whatever He reveals, don't dismiss anything as being unimportant. When no one has anything else from the Holy Spirit, the meeting should be sealed in prayer, and a date for the prayer walk decided upon.

When satan is operating in an area, it is because he was given "legal ground" to do so, because of sin. The Holy Spirit will reveal all of this, and when you arrive at the site, you as a group will need to do some repenting for that sin(s), thus breaking the legal right and covering the land in forgiveness. You will also worship and declare the Name of Jesus there, and invite Him to take possession of the land, to use it for His purposes. Pray any scriptures that you were given during your prayer time together. Pray in response to what you observe with your eyes, as well as what the Holy Spirit is revealing to you.

A couple of tips: Healthy prayer-walking includes Worship, Warfare, and Welcome. Prayer Walking is not Warfare Walking, i.e., focusing attention on the demonic realm -- it will weary you and the joy will leave. And it is not a Witness Walk, i.e. direct testimony that is so strenuously practiced that prayer is side-lined.

Remember that the whole prayer walk should be Holy Spirit led and bathed in prayer. You are taking steps against the enemy and his "legal ground" to be where he is. When you are finished, bind any retaliation by the enemy's forces, covering those that went, their families, and anyone else you feel prompted by the Holy Spirit to cover.